Pachde HC One (a VCV Rack plugin) for the Eagan Matrix

I just wanted to share this thing I’m working on (Also posted in the Continuum and Osmose FB groups).

I have a new VCV Rack plugin under development. VCV Rack is a (free+ paid Pro level) virtual EuroRack.

My plugin is a highly specialized plugin for controlling Haken Audio Eagan-Matrix-based devices. it brings performance-focused control of the Continuum and other EM devices, integrated with VCV Rack. It should run on all the platforms supported by Rack: Mac (including M1), Linux, and Windows.

The first module HC-1 covers preset selection, managing preset favorites, and knobs with CV Macros and Recirculator parameters. This is shaping up nicely, and I’m enjoying playing the Continuum while I have CV modulating macro and recirculator parameters. Some of the presets are awesome just running freely on a sustained note with modulated parameters. The feel can be remarkably different from simply playing the same preset on the fingerboard.

It has a mode where it can run off a cache of known presets for your device and avoid the long (and fragile) startup sequence needed to query the device. This gives nearly instant access to the Continuum.

Here’s a teaser screen snip of where it is right now, with an LFO hooked up to one of the macros.

The little light buttons next to the knob put the CV into relative mode, so the CV value is an offset to the Knob position. The green bars in the lower right show the current DSP usage reported by the Continuum.

I have companion modules planned to extend the functionality to managing the other EM performance and configuration settings.

Let me know if you’re interested in beta testing. (@Keymanpal is already signed up :wink: I only have a Slim 70 (my Mini is broken), and I don’t have a Mac, so I’ll need help getting it working properly with other EM devices and on the Mac.


The HC One Beta 2 release has arrived!

VCV Rack Community announcement thread

Now includes the HC-2 and HC-3 modules. For details, see the Community thread, release page, repo, and documentation.

HC-1 has a lot of functionality built into it. I think I’ve nearly maxed out what’s possible in this module’s form factor. It’s already probably too dense. HC-2 is a WIP. What’s there is solid, but there’s a lot more in the Eagan matrix yet to cover – it is wide and deep. I’m sure there will be more modules than HC-2 once it’s fully built out. HC-3 is essentially complete,



Beta 3

Beta 3 of pachde HC One is now available: Beta 3 Release.

HC One is a plugin for VCV Rack, for use with Eagan Matrix devices, including Continuum, ContinuuMini, and EaganMatrix Module for Eurorack from Haken Audio, and the Osmose from Expressive E.
See the README for an overview, and links to the documentation: README

If you want to see it in action, I’m using two instances of HC One along with my Imagine module for VCP 77:

Watch VCP Challenge #77 - Imagine module