Parva + Linnstrument?

Anyone with experience on this synth? I’m considering a hard-synth for the Linnstrument and this could be it (MIDI USB).

I think @gbevin uses this combo.

yes, it is a nice video. Bite sounding, therefor my interest. But I hear it’s not finished yet, it’s a one man project… and would like to know how well thought MPE is - like in this conversation on Animoog IOS apps supporting MPE (wiki)

Parva is definitely not finished yet and there are quite a few problems. I haven’t used it since that video really.

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AFAIK things got slightly better with one of later updates (after Geert’s video) but there are still some issues.

I had that combo and it was playing well together. The truth is that there is not many analog poly’s with MPE support. Sold Parva to follow other gear callings but miss occasionally the UI, sound and robust build.

Here’s my poor playing skills noodle with custom patches.


I don’t think you can get them anymore can you, not from their website anyway.

They are working on it. However I got offered an used one they were getting returned.


So you think they will bring them back into production?

Oh, I don’t really know. I asked if he had an ETA for the new version. He hadn’t and he offered that one he was going to get returned. That’s all I know.

I like what I’ve heard so far. It would be great if it was on the market.