PatchStorage for EaganMatrix presets is here!

That missing link;-)

cool… I quite like patchstorage, we used it for Orac (and more generally Organelle, and Bela)

I’m a little surprised Haken hadn’t done this before…
basically if you email Patchstorage they are happy to add any platform :slight_smile:
(I think, as far as they see it, more platforms = more traffic !)

so yeah generally, if you are using a synth and want somewhere to share patches just reach out to them.

saying that, looking at some of the platforms, they might need to reconsider this…
e.g. Hermod?
this is a modular sequencer, and there is really no notion of presets for it… the one that is present on patchstorage is just one persons ‘setting’, only useful in a particular scenario !

back on topic…
patchstorage is ace :slight_smile: