PeerTube Platform/Instance

I want to know if the community would be interested in a PeerTube platform/instance to host video content for Poly Expression and others interested in expressive instruments.

I have been granted explicit permission by Roger Linn to archive all current and future Roger Linn Design monthly Zoom calls under any license, but instead of uploading them to other PeerTube platforms/instances, I thought this would be a great opportunity for us to work together towards promoting expressive instruments further. I can contribute recurring funds to help sustain the instance, but I have no interest in administration/moderation of it; I have whitelisted Liberapay as a recurrent donations platform.

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I think this sounds like a great idea! I think the MPE instruments are really the future of unlocking sound for any willing to put in the effort to learn them.

It would be cool to see what people can do with these amazing instruments/controllers.

I don’t really have time to moderate or administer the channel, but I would love to one day contribute something to it.

Great idea!

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It’s a nice idea for those that don’t want to use YouTube etc.

but it’s not really within scope of, and not something I’d want to moderate/ administer.

Also from a tech side is peer tube self hosted?
If so, we do not have resources ( space nor bandwidth) to host on this server.

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What is the scope? I would think videos are an important medium for further discussion, although it can depend on the content.

Yes, PeerTube is federated just like Mastodon/Lemmy, and supports ActivityPub to integrate with the Fediverse. I can offer financial support to help sustain the instance, but cannot administrate or moderate it myself: I am not the domain owner of Poly Expression; and I have high standards for content which will likely get in the way of initially growing the instance.

I am already familiar with cost-efficient web hosting solutions due to my other projects elsewhere, and can provide suggestions based on whatever criteria deemed to be important: I can address space, bandwidth, and scalability concerns without any issue; and my incentive is to keep costs low because of my offer.

we created this as a discussion forum. so discussion is the primary focus.

we stared this forum because a few of us in the eigenharp community had met on the Eigenlabs forum, which became a bit of a ‘mess’… so we moved to using Google+ groups, which google dropped.

so we needed a new home, one that we had a bit more control of (after moving twice !) , in the meantime, many of us had branched out to other expressive controllers, so we had the idea to expand the scope to help/support/discuss with other musicians.

@David (Gig Performer creator) kindly donated us an instance on their (virtual) servers, which we can administer etc. so I got the domain, setup the forum. and we have been merrily running now for a few years :slight_smile:

so really there are no more ambitions beyond that… as I mentioned elsewhere, we are not trying to (actively) attract new users, or branch out… or be the ‘ultimate’ reference site.

if anything, the idea is to be focused on the niche that we in… to enjoy that.

also its worth remembering, that many of the developers/manufactures in this space are relatively small. so like us (from Eigenharp) they need a discussion forum that is low maintenance, and often ended up on Facebook/Yahoo Groups/KVR etc, but these are not ideal (for things like searching), so polyexpression is a ‘proper forum’ alternative IF any manufacture/dev want to utilise.

tl;dr; polyexpression’s focus is as a discussion forum, and we dont really have the resources to go beyond that. nor, do I want to expand its liability ( by incurring things like hosting fees… and need to fund etc)