Wiki posts / formatting

using wiki posts as a reference source… and formatting as tables to improve readability.

discussion starting from there:

discourse supports markdown, which supports tables.


id name link
1 bob some link
2 jack another link
3 olga more link

there are various possibilities, so a matter of seeing whats working and not (as Im not planning on adding any more server side extensions at this time)

I should just say, the reason I did it in this simple list originally… was so anyone could easily add (and edit) new entries, without having to worry about markdown syntax.
so, id not want to use a format which was using a lot of markdown syntax.

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I understand. I prefer lists since they are simple to generate, but if there is ever a need for a table, there is an theme component for Discourse called Table Builder that makes creating and editing tables more accessible.

Tables in Discourse are static with Markdown or HTML, so dynamic tables with sorting will require a different solution. I prefer MediaWiki’s implementation for that, but it requires managing another database.

yeah, I don’t want to add (3rd party) themes / extensions … as there is always the possibility of them breaking with a discourse update… so for this forum its KISS.

static vs dynamic tables, yes thats why I was alluding to the fact discourse / forums are not a good solution for references, they are not really designed for it. there are much better solutions.
thats why the wiki topics were just created as rough and ready topics, as discussion points… which anyone can edit and contribute too.

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Okay, so how about using MediaWiki? It is well designed for user contributions while also allowing dynamic tables. There is a requirement to manage another database, but otherwise there is very little maintenance and expense.

see the peer tube post for why I don’t want start increasing loads on server instance… and the focus of this server, this is also true for adding mediawiki or similar.