Performances on the Striso

Hi folks,

When I’m trying to research a new controller I start off by looking for performances with it. The vast majority of what I find, almost universally, is either:

  • Slick Marketing videos
  • Internet famous people doing unboxing, then noodling with it for 5 minute

Neither of which really tell me much about what the range of the instrument is and what it’s like to work with over a period of time.

So I figured it would be useful to create a thread for performances with the Striso, and make my own. So I’m going to be cheerfully recording every song I learn to play and putting it on YouTube

I’d love to hear what other people are doing with it too.


I just came across an interesting sound and made a little video with my loop station: striso experiment - YouTube


Here is my version of My name is nobody by Ennio Morricone (who passed away on this day in 2020).

I use the Striso in combination with a Novation Bass Station 2 and some more common instruments (bass, saxophone, guitar and percussion). I am very happy (perhaps a bit too much) with all the nice colourful sounds of the Novation.


Thanks for the perfomances, great to see how you’re using the Striso board! I’m looking forward to see more!

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A first try with my Striso duet prototype:

For the moment I’m searching for the best way to hold the instrument while playing the same tunes that I used to play on my Wicky duet concertina, and after I’d like to explore all the sound possinilities of the instrument…


That’s fantastic, your playing is very nice. I’m green with envy.


That’s excellent Didie. :clap:

(You should post it up in the Concertina Technology group.)

Thanks Frank, if you want to try this tune I’m just writing the sheet music and could send it when it will be completed, but maybe difficult to play the 2 voices together on a single Striso unless you use a looper.
Ben, thanks for the information, this group seems to be very interesting but unfortunately I’m not on facebook. In case you feel like posting my video on this page of course it’s ok for me and I will try to record some videos with a better sound after…

Hey Didie,

Yeah, I’ve worked on two handed technique (which I’m still poor at skill-wise), I haven’t found anything that I’m quite satisfied with the sound on. My left/lower hand is pretty inconsistent when it comes to amplitude. I’d appreciate it if you sent that on when you’re done though.


> In case you feel like posting my video on this page of course it’s ok

Just done that. :+1:


They liked it there so I’ve posted it on Sound On Sound and Melnet too, see if I can get Piers another order. :wink:

Hope you don’t mind me posting up another of your videos Didie, but I found this one quite entrancing.

Look forward to seeing where you take the Striso.

Thank you Ben! I will try a version of Roslin Castle as well on the Striso duet but I will be away from keyboard for 2 or 3 weeks. Here is another take with The Water is Wide:

Frank or others, when you want the sheet music of those tunes just send me an e-mail:

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I’ve been experimenting with the Pigments 3 vst, and I did a little camera test today. Disregard the part where I got to the lead melody - I started my improvisation in a weird way and tried to go from there… The sound design in the plugin is not changed while I’m playing.