Pico - fussy about USB cables!

has anyone found thier pico getting very fussy about which USB cable will work, and those that won’t?

I’ve got usb cables that used to work with it, that no longer do… but are working with other devices. (*)
even the one I original got with it, no longer works.

I’m now to the point where only one usb cable reliably works with it.

I thought it might be a bad connection at the pico end… but seems unclear why one cable works everytime, and (many) others never.

(I did have one cable that was working intermittently for a while and now doesnt work at all)

also doesn’t matter what computer I use,which usb port I use, or if im using a powered hub.
same result, some cables work, others don’t.

when it does work… the pico is absolutely fine, the usb connection seems fine (not intermittent or anything) - just it only wants to work with one cable!

I think my Pico is sulking, as I honestly don’t use it much these days…


(*) annoyingly my long cable which was my primary cable for the pico stopped working, so I only have a 1m cable that works now.
this is partly the reason the pico doesn’t get use that much, as the cable is too short to really use for anything other than testing purposes - which is when I do drag it out :frowning:

Ahah ! Since day 1!!! But my experience is not so dramatic as yours.
Have you tried cleaning the Pico port, say with compressed air?

Thin cables and very long ones I find are the most problematic.

Pico flat on a desk (without thumb hooks) is a great controller :wink: nevertheless.

Ultimately, I can send you one of the long ones I have working? Would reach you in no time!

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ok, just tested with some tiny (length) cables that I never use - and they all work.
also a few others that are connected to other gear, seem to work as well.

so, I think its the cables that I have ‘bouncing’ around be used for different stuff that don’t wont.
perhaps as they are constantly being pulled in and out, they have kind of ‘worn’ out.

I’m pretty confident if I just pick up a new one it’ll likely work :pray: :slight_smile:

yeah, as you say, the short cable is not really a problem - I do tend to play it flat on the desk most of the time anyway…

(I just got a bit tired or having issues each time I tried to plug it in, but that can be solved by keeping a working cable next to it :slight_smile: )

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