Pigments 2.0 - new features... MPE!

Most important… MPE


demoing this right now - poly pitchbend works, but I don’t see how to map poly aftertouch or slide in a meaningful way. Modulation bar in the middle react to aftertouch, but its monophonic (i.e. pressures from different fingers conflict with each other).

Mapping poly pitchbend works fine.

UPD: Slide mapping works fine via Macro 1 slot, all good! Still no luck with poly aftertouch.

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Aftertouch works fine here in MPE using channel aftertouch.

Yes, figured it out, too.

Considering all the wavetable and granular options, and filters, and the ease of mapping modulation sources, Pigments is very worthy synth in my book.


Its a great synth, basically my goto plugin now for most sounds.

Easy to program and sounds good.


Hmm, I have also downloaded the free version and testing. Just the granular and wavetable sections really tempt me. I had just bought Bitwig and didn’t want to make another purchase but…

Really easy to set up MPE. I can modulate sustain from the Env VCA with aftertouch, which, after trying Equator and Cypher, is a must but I can’t see a way to bypass it (the envelope, like in Aalto? Can you? As I can see I can find a volume in the chain (Engine - Filters…) and apply aftertouch to that but doesn’t bypass the envelope.

Also, is there a mix for the Engines? I can only see independent volumes?

And although MPE works well, the visuals are still for only one voice. See f.ex aftertouch, how it only can follow one voice. This is something that works really well in Bitwig.

Do you think Arturia will improve MPE all in all or is it just implemented so they don’t have to hear our complains all the time? They haven’t shouted it in any way!

This is excellent! Poly AT works like a charm for me — the graphic display of AT in the AT module is represented as mono, but it is poly.

Here’s the thing — what I really need are some good init patches. When I have some time I will make some, but as for now starting with the presets is irritating.

My experience with MPE enabled synth patches is that a little goes a long way — so many of these presets have too much stuff going on to be really expressive. I look forward to some MPE oriented presets being developed by the community.


Well… you can use a macro!

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I usually start with one of the Template patches; they’re very straightforward, with little or no modulation defined.

Modulate the “Amp Mod” (top right synth page) with aftertouch. Use channel aftertouch at the moment as poly is broken and will be fixed ASAP.

Yes I think the MPE stuff will being improved.

There are some issues that made it into to V2 release that will be fixed.

  1. Poly Aftertouch issues.
  2. Multiple same note issues.

Well, I’m happy they have decided to take the leap. Nice to hear they are going to work further on MPE.

Modulate the “Amp Mod” (top right synth page) with aftertouch. Use channel aftertouch at the moment as poly is broken and will be fixed ASAP.

Do you mean this?
Screenshot 2019-12-17 at 19.15.40

That’s what I’ve been using (with channel aftertouch, I haven’t tried poly) but, for what I’ve seen there are more than one outputs, aren’t they? Filters have volume, engines have their own. Sure, I could use a macro but that’s an extra step.

By the way it is really smooth! I’m trying it right now in the Karpus Like Seq (cool patch in itself). Disabling engine 1, applying AT modulation to output volume in engine 2, I have a huge amount of control as to how the sound gets out!

No this:

Or re-reading your original post maybe I misunderstand! The pic above for controlling voice volume per note via aftertouch, are you talking about something different?

Oh, I see! Yes, you understood me from the start, thank you.

I’m having a great time just surfing the presets and changing things here and there.

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