Pitch-bend dead zone

I know I might be posting too much today :smiley:

Have you ever had trouble playing in tune? Like, run some arpeggios and each note be slightly out of tune because of slight bending? Happens to me a lot as I like my pitch bend range high.

Yesterday I’ve had enough and added pitch-bend dead zone to the firmware. Have been driving it all day today, and I’m happy with it, so I figured I’ll make a pull request and post the result here.

For anyone interested, the firmware: Release Pitch-bend dead zone · wienski/striso-control-firmware · GitHub

To adjust the dead zone, use the E button in the row with sensitivity knobs. Of course, you can also change it in the html settings and save in a profile.


I found an error in the presets last night, so here’s the fix: Release pbdz-preset-fix · wienski/striso-control-firmware · GitHub

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