Pixels lighting up before calibration - just a bug or something to worry about?

See link. Bought a used Erae and just want to make sure, if that is normal or if I have to
ask for a refund if that is a defect? See video

tl;dr; don’t worry… just test it behaves correctly… and see if it works well enough for what you want.

I cannot say, Ive noticed this before… as long as the calibration fixes it, it should not be an issue.

after all, this is the role of calibration.you could even argue its a bug in the firmware… if they applied calibration THEN activated leds, you’d not even see it.

what I would do is, just test as ‘nornal’.
a) leave the ET in the room you use it for, for a few hours to ‘settle’.
b) re-calibrate
c) test the sensitivity of the entire surface

(you may need to repeat (b) )

during (c) , Id, of course, take special note of the areas that are lighting up on power on.
however, as difficult as it is, try not to be ‘obsessed’ over these areas - it’s easy to see issues if you look too hard.

also, expectations…
as you will see on this forum, there is variation on the surface of pretty much ALL eras touch, particularly near the edges of the surface ( * )

also, depending on other surfaces you have used, you might find you need more pressure than you might expect/want… again thats kind of normal.

finally, in the app (ERAE Lab) you are able to adjust the pressure sensitivity to some extent…
though making it too sensitive/low threshold will create ‘sticky notes’ in some areas of the surface.
that you might not notice, until you start playing it for a while.
(so if you get stuck notes, go back and keep increasing the threshold a bit)

Im pretty sure, that a firmware update could improve its flaws, but we have seen little evidence Embodme are working on this… but you never no. but this makes it easier to judge… does it work good enough for you today

for me, Ive found the Erae Touch ‘performance’ needs to be considered from a practical, rather than theoretical (perfect) view point.

does it operate ‘good enough’ for what you want today?

as for this particular unit vs a brand new one…
in fairness to the seller, I will say there does appear to be some variation between units, and possibly also operating environment… as well as the ‘expectations’ Ive mentioned above.
so unless, there is an obvious fault (e.g. dead pixels, areas not reacting to touch), its likely its similar to what you would get ‘new’… even if its not what you hoped for.
so again goes back too… does it fulfil your needs?

sorry, about the wall of text… but really with the variability we have see with ET - its not quite a recommend/ don’t recommend scenario… or ‘is it a good unit’. most of us have mixed experiences with it depending on how we plan to use.

( * ) this is not uncommon issue with these types of surfaces, as there is more pressure at edges where they are fitted.

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btw: above may appear a bit ‘negative’, but its not meant to be, rather a practical view.

IF the ET does what you want, then frankly, it can be a great controller.

its very flexible in what you can use it for, due to its continuous nature, and also the leds are super useful for ‘bespoke’ applications. its also the largest surface available in this kind of form.
and its price is very reasonable for what it its.

(also I’ll point out, alternative, also have their limitations too)

so IF it does what you want and need then its fantastic.
(but for others it may fall short of needs/expectations)

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Dear @thetechnobear, Thank you for the detailed reply. I really appreciate it - that helps me not to worry that much.

Regarding issues: only other issue: when using 2x2 keygrids, the surface below and on top Play adjacent notes, See here: https://youtu.be/FXDTCiktrZM?si=JBTCIYXEsxuFFymZ

When using 3x2 or 3x3, I can trigger the correct notes.

Regarding touch sensitivity: I adjusted it to -20 and still dont trigger any ghost notes. To play chords in non MPE, I find it not as easy to apply the same pressure to play a good sounding chord, but maybe I have to adjust my expectations here and press a bit harder. MPE and slides work great so far. I want to use the Erae to improve my skills on isomorphic surfaces like Geoshred.

yeah, that’s pretty normal.
3x3 is the smallest thats reliable, even there you have to be a little careful.
this is why the standard templates all use 4x4 (or bigger).

pressure yeah, as I said its not the lightest of touches… but its not bad either.
I think partly, I notice it more, because I use other things.
… if you just used the ET, I think you’d get used to the firm touch :slight_smile: