Playing with just headphones

Hello, is it possible to play the Striso with just a pair of headphones, or does it have to be connected to a computer?

All you need is a power source and audio out. I’ve used almost exclusively headphones and it works great.


Very cool, thanks Frank. I found some videos on the internal synth now. Glad there is at least one internal sound you can use easily on the go.

It’s honestly just as easy to use as a controller. You only need the one USB cable. You can use apps on your phone even. I also really like using it on it’s own, but it is an incredible MPE controller (even if you don’t have much gear).

Ah, using it with my phone would be perfect. Just want a setup that’s really mobile. Looking forward to testing that out. Thanks, Jay.

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Can you elaborate on how you’re using it with a phone?

Well with an iphone (or any computer/device) as an MPE controller. I use it with GeoShred, Seaboard 5D, and Animoog Z apps on my phone. Just need the adaptor.

I use it more w/my laptop and with hardware, but just was saying that using the Striso as an MPE controller does not require much additional gear.

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Ooo, definitely going to try Seaboard 5D with it. Thanks for the recs!

Note that you’ll need a lightning USB adapter to connect the Striso board. If your iPhone/iPad still has an audio jack the official Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter will do, however if you don’t have an audio jack you’ll need to resort to a third party 3-in-1 lightning (or USB-C) to audio + USB adapter, since wireless audio has too much latency.

Unfortunately I’ve seen only Chinese brandless versions of these, but I tested one from AliExpress that seems to work fine.
See for example New 3 In 1 Adapter For Lightning To Audio USB 3.0/2.0 3.5MM Digital Camera Reader OTG Adapter With Charging Interface Converter|Phone Adapters & Converters| - AliExpress or Lightning To Usb 3 Camera Adapter 3 In 1 Light Ning To 3.5 Mm Headphone Jack Audio Adapter Usb 3 Camera Otg Adapter For Iphone - Mobile Phone Adapters & Converters - AliExpress
Or for USB-C: New USB C Camera OTG Adapter Converter For USB Type C To 3.5mm Jack Digital Audio USB Type C OTG PD Fast Charging Port Adapter|Phone Adapters & Converters| - AliExpress