Plus and Minus buttons : octave range : latency

When switching octave range with the Plus and Minus buttons, there’s a noticeable latency before the octave shifting is applied.
please have a look at this small video showing the issue : Dropbox - EraeTouch plus Min buttons - Simplify your life
So when using these buttons while playing, the transposition is applied with an unpleasant delay :-s

Double check your buffer and input latency as this should not be an issue on the Erae side:

It’s not related to my computer audio settings ; as you can see in this other video, I have the same issue even when the Erae is not connected to the computer :

I’ll see if the issue persists with the fresh new firmware …

Just updated to firmware v1.1.0 : issue is fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks !

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