Plus and Minus buttons : reset octave range

When you press several times the Plus and Minus button to shift octave range, you can easily loose the count of how many times these buttons have been pressed, so you don’t know which octave you’re playing…
I would be very useful to be able to reset octave range to default value.
IMHO, the more intuitive way to do that would be pressing simultaneously the Plus and Minus buttons.
Actually this is already mapped to something else (ghost note removal ?) ; but maybe this could be changed…

In my opinion @thetechnobear did already a better suggestion;-)

octave change feedback

musical layouts do not change (visually) when you change octave, so currently there is no visual feedback when you hit +/-
as a minimum, Id like to see the +/- light when you press them for some feedback
(they do have a positive click, but still visual reinforcement is useful)
perhaps later, also some way to colour different octaves on key/drum pad elements?

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sounds good to me :slightly_smiling_face:

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