Poly Expression Logo

ok, so Ive added a new logo :slight_smile:

Im no artist, nor graphic designer… so consider it a first go…
if anyone would like to come up with something please feel free to post suggestions here.

the concept is simple:

  • its a free hand drawing, representing the hands on control on digital instruments.
  • the 3 lines represent a chord:
    – the root note, is as played on a keyboard, on/off, unchanging over time
    – the third, shows a note which changes in timbre (colour), and also reduces in intensity over time
    – the fifth, shows the note changing in pitch over time.

well that’s the idea, but open to other suggestions :slight_smile:

for the logo, what I think we need is
something expresses the uniqueness of our instruments, but is not tied to a particular brand, format or approach… (quick tricky since a seaboard looks very different from a linnstrument or eigenharp!)

if you wish to design one,
we will need it in various sizes, for things like banners, logos, icons etc.
so something thats re-scaleable is useful, I think transparent backgrounds are useful in some places.
as its used for icons, it has to work when small… and its seen on mobile devices , hence why i went for something fairly simple.

anyway I hope it does ‘for now’ :slight_smile:


I think it captures the essence of “poly expression” really well !!
It’s simple, nice description concept.

Just a thought on colour… simbolic of expression?, versus black & white - on/off ? Maybe highlight the third? (responsible for “mood” major/minor, not exclusive, but…)

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third… hmm, you mean use a colour, rather than shades of grey/b/w?

I do quite like monochrome, seem stylish/uncluttered, if i do it in colours the ‘palette’ chosen can get quite personal - also its easier/clearer to fade in monochrome than colour?!
but I agree colour/timbre go together well… perhaps the shading is a bit subtle.

whilst I was doing this, it reminded me of this thread on lines, about experimental music notation… which in turned reminded me of similar discussions on the Eigenharp forums…

How would we notate pitch, pressure, timbre?
(the logo initially included a musical staff, but it cluttered it too much)

of course for this purpose, such a notation doesn’t have to be practical, more symbolic to convey the ideas…we could play with symbols as well!?

yes, looks imho fitting.
Thanks for the notation link, interesting read, cool stuff :slight_smile:

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yes, just an idea that cross my mind in an instance, as the “third” is in the centre…
Nothing wrong with monochrome.

Nice logo, and very interesting link, thank you.

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When I first saw it, I thought it was a bad version of the menu pulldown over on the top right. Sorry, don’t mean to hurt any feelings.

And now you are reminding me of this video about lines (beware the design by committee :wink: ):


It’s so weird, and catches the eye. What more is there to ask for? I think it’s brilliant.