Power supply for eigenharp base station

Anyone know where I can find a 24V power supply with the right plug to use with a standard base station?

Besides sending an email to customerservices@eigenlabs.com
don’t know what else…

Hmm, didn’t know they were still in business!

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Eigenlab’s Tau hardware set-up video shows the base station taking a 24VDC center-positive barrel plug. If you can’t raise anyone at Eigenlabs, you’ll find 24VDC power supplies with adapter plugs and a polarity inversion adapter on Amazon, eBay, and other electronic supply sites. You will want to find a unit that has sufficient wattage for the base station’s needs - perhaps another Alpha owner on this forum can tell you the output wattage marked on their power supply.

The page at eigenlabs.com/store/product/alpha says “Estimated shipping from 15 March 2022.” The Tau page gives a February 2022 shipping date. Are they back in production?

Is that the complete technical term? I knew it was 24-Volts but I didn’t know how to express the plug connector, otherwise I would have just gone directly to Amazon, etc

Yes, “center positive” and “center negative” are the common terms used to describe the polarities of power supply output barrel plugs. You’ll likely find the native output of a replacement supply is center negative, and the package include a short cable that, when plugged onto the output connector, inverts the output polarity to center positive.

I’m trying to figure out the diameter of that plug

ah, sorry @David , I assumed you had access to a PSU , so had specs…

things you need to know :

  • size of dc plug
  • polarity of dc plug
  • voltage
  • ampage

so for the standard it is

24VDC 3A
Centre Positive

DC plug size… can find a spec for it…
it looks like a standard 2.1mm x 5.5mm, about 12mm long
unfortunately my calipers are too big to measure the internal (2.1mm) to know for 100%
but Ive got a another 2.1 x 5.5mm and that fitted…

edit: doh… I should use the internet :man_facepalming:

my model : CINCON TRG70A240

so quick search…


this of course, has full spec (seems I was right in my measuring :wink: )


Thanks, Mark - “adding characters to get to 20”

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