Pure Data as plugin

Think this is getting “serious” and growing…

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ooh, thats interesting… there have been a few pure data wrappers (including vst) in the past, but this one looks pretty advanced…

I see its supported by Deskew, so @david / gigperformer, thats cool too !

does anyone got some tech details?

I’m assuming its based off of libpd, so no PD install is required… all bundled in plugin?

I guess the focus of this, is to provide a VST patching environment for PD…
rather than to use PD as the DSP, and so develop your own plugins, with their own VST UI? which I think is what’s Camomile is more about?

I ask, as for Orac, I use the PD as a dsp platform, but I don’t use its UI at all, I use it in headless mode, since I then develop the UI per platform.
Orac works with libpd (I use this on Bela) , so Id assume it would work with this, but Id have to think about the UI side…

anyway, definitely a cool development…
I think PD is a great resource, thats often overlooked, as it doesn’t have the pretty UI of max (or debug tools etc)
I wonder if this might also ‘inspire’ Cycling 74 to something similar for Max.

seems, all the rage to embed virtual modulars into VST, given VCV etc :wink:


Yeah, one of our users noticed that this was available and we’re pretty excited by the possibilities.

I doubt however that Cycling74 will do anything — remember they used to have Pluggo but they discontinued it when they got into bed with Ableton, who now owns them!