Pure Data with MPE instruments

anyone else using pure data with MPE?

Ive just noticed on my mac the midi (e.g. notein) seems to stall if I start sending lots of data,
e.g. say 4 voices

it’s not my patch, as I even just starting PD, and using its test midi/audio - I can see the issue!
(Ive tried 0.49.0 and 0.48.1, cant go back to 0.46 as it crashes on my mac now)

pretty sure its ok on the Organelle/rPI - though I need to re-test this now :slight_smile:

Sorry nop, but I wish…
ContinuuMini will be best friend of Organelle, the later has a MPE “hub” :wink: (distributing -receiving and sending) NOT happy with other ways of doing it.

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when you have a couple of minutes could you possible try for me…

all you need to do is:
a) connect an MPE controller to your mac :wink:
b) start Pure Data (on mac)
c) pd -> go to midi settings, and select midi device
d) pd -> select test midi/audio on the menu

now when you press a key , you’ll see in the window it says which note has been pressed.

so hold down a few ( say 5 or 6) for a short while (10 seconds) , to send alot of data.
… then let go of them all,

now press one note, … does the note number update, showing it still recieving midi data?

for me it just stalls… so the note number doesn’t change

i don’t remember it doing this before… perhaps its the soundplane software, but midi monitor shows the data still flowing correctly, and previous notes off etc.

( i need to do some more tests, e.g. turning data rate down, but be useful as a sanity check to know its not just me :slight_smile: )

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ohhh same here, I just pressed 1-2-3 fingers/notes by 4… there was no more reading/update.

edit: Pd 0.49.1 on MBP Mojave
edit 2 - this with LinnStrument…

edit 3 . Pd 0.48.0 is OK ALL 16Ch 11 fingers and some more…

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interesting, I tried 0.48.1 and that had same issue, so perhaps bug was introduced around then… i’ll go check.

this also makes sense, as I was pretty sure at some point it was working,
anyway, good news is the organelle should be ok then :slight_smile:
(though im going to have both osc and mpe support anyway, so options available!)

thanks for your help

EDIT: yup confirmed, 0.48.0 is ok for me here too.
0.49.0 if I throttle the data rate down to about ~200hz its ok, but around 250hz it dies.
… good to know, thought I was going mad :slight_smile:

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Oh np, nothing like a shout out :wink:

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