QuNexus and Roli 5D app through ThumbJam and a question

Hello, All.

I have spent hours this week (since the QuNexus arrived) playing it through ThumbJam. I am still fooling with all the keyboard settings in the online “Editor” and have reverted to the defaults, which to no surprise, seem to work…The MPE out plays OK through ThumbJam, but at the suggestion of Jaygalfo, here, I did load the totally free Roli 5D app, and what it does in response to the MPE settings is pretty amazing! While I only have the 20-some-odd presets, there are great ones included, and the QuNexus just plays nicely with it. Super responsive, and it even seems the keys respond very differently if played at the bottom (little additional processing) or the top (much range of effect, vibrato, etc.) I was almost ready to return the QuNexus because it didn’t seem to add much I didn’t get with my “velocity and aftertouch only” XKey, but the way it triggers the Roli app made it worth the price of admission, even if that’s all I do with it. But, to my question:

I absolutely love the ThumbJam “scales” option, and the related “input scale lock” and “white keys only” buttons. They let me play in ways I would not live long enough to learn toplay, without these “training wheels.” But…I can’t make the scales impact the Roli, so the output to the Roli app “clashes” with it, which seems to be in C Major, only. Does anyone have suggestions for how to either make the Roli recognize the new keys, or to make ThumbJam send out some other signal to tell it? I suppose the good news is that if I can’t figure that part out, I may eventually learn to play in other than C Major!

Thanks, and regards,