Recording EM Engine in different DAWS

How has your success been at recording the internal engine in different DAWS?

I had no issues with Ableton Live but cant seem to record or see the key left/right vibrato in Bitwig…no joy at all in Studio One.

A few set up guides for each DAW would be useful!

In Bitwig you’ll need to select a controller that has been marked as using MPE.
(perhaps latest release added an Osmose one? Ive not checked yet…)

I’ll check it out later… been too busy playing with the Osmose as standalone instrument…
(and honestly, I rarely bother recording MPE midi… I usually prefer to go straight to audio)

I don’t know about Studio One… does it have multichannel or MPE support?

Cubase also is very good… in fact if, I suspect it might be one of the few that can record MPE+ if thats important to you.
(frankly MPE+ is not really a big deal on the Osmose, due to the having a short physical slide for X)

as for guides… hmm, really checking any of the other MPE controllers would give you most of what you need… I think theres a section in the Continuum User Guide, and also the Roli Seaboard, possibly also the Linnstrument.
that said… its an area thats changing quite a bit, so its likely they are out of date.
(e.g. Live’s support is relative recent compared to others)

generally the process is… you’ll either have to mark a controller or a track as MPE in the daw.
a few will ‘auto-detect’ an MPE controller - but of course, its quite possible this wont happen with the Osmose (being new)