ROLI Equator 2 released

Despite all the nice MPE softsynths around these days, ROLI Equator is still my go-to synth for my Eigenharps. So happy to see this:


Neat! Same, a hand full of my two hands full of goto sounds come from Equator.

I confess also used and play(ed) live with some sound from Equator…
So that’s the half of new news…

Equator, EaganMatrix and Aalto are imho quite special. Poly Expression definitely wasn’t an afterthought for those but, being the native brains of their individual instruments, they were really 100% optimized for exactly this use case. And I think it shows.
What I really like with Equator is that is has a number of refreshingly unspectacular, highly controllable bread’n’butter sounds that just work.


I find the expression curves in Equator extremely useful. I wish Aalto/Kaivo had them. They make it super easy to adjust a sound to work “just right” with the controller of choice. That + that the interface is very easy to use means I tend to go for Equator whether I want to just adapt an existing sound or make something from scratch.

I bought Equator 2, btw, but haven’t had the time to explore it yet. I feel I’m not able to keep up with all the shiny new MPE stuff at the moment. I haven’t dived into EaganMatrix, nor tested MPE with my new Hydrasynth. And now Plasmonic is right around the corner, as well!


is there a list of changes/additions for Equator 2?

for some reason, I never ended up using Equator that much… don’t know why, but given so many of you like it … i should give it (Equator 1) another go :slight_smile:

For what I could see yesterday: wave table and granular engines. Everything seems to be rearranged, interface less clustered, nice visualization like in cypher.

It looks good but I just purchased Ableton and have a lot to explore there while I wait for MPE in 11.0 and the Striso board.


When you mention EaganMatrix, is it because it can be purchased separately now? Or maybe you have one of the continuums?

I own a continuumini. I haven’t had it that long, but still I almost feel guilty for not having learned how EaganMatrix works yet.

I’m confessingly a preset user for both EaganMatrix and Equator. With the plan to change that somewhere further down the roadmap. But there are excellent presets for both synths. Very much enjoying just dialling in a promising preset and spending evenings exploring how controller and sound create a totally new instrument together!


Ok, I would love an independent EaganMatrix, love its sounds but I’m not ready for a Continuum (mini or otherwise)

I have also had great joy in Equator’s presets but never found the time to get some own patching.

I remember trying to perform simple modifications on one of the presets in the early days of Equator, and giving up. The editor’s come a long way since then, but I had long since lost interest.

Treating this as a new product, I can see it giving Pigments a run for its money.

But mostly, this represents a new commitment from Roli to actually serve advanced users again. They’ve been moving in a very beginner-centric direction for a while, so that’s nice to see, and I’d like to support that.

Might not be able to, for a bit, though. (even discounted, the upgrade price is hard to swallow right now)

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This month is a really good month for Mpe compatible vsti: Equator 2, Plasmonic, Vital.
A lot of different things can be done with this 3 releases!
I hope, the live11 release will boost Mpe in a near future.
Roli should release another product in some days, the 19 November. I’m curious : software, hardware…
A new update for the Eaganmatrix will arrived too, Edmund Eagan shares some awesome audio demos made with the new oscillator, exciting time !