ROLI posts comprehensive list of MPE hardware and software

Roli just posted a web page that list MPE compatible hardware and software. I haven’t gone through the whole list so maybe there are things that haven’t been discussed here yet. At the end of the page is a link to a pdf with info about MPE.


Yes, I was going to post about this earlier. It was linked-to from a new “overview of MPE” / “learn about MPE” page that they’ve put up, to introduce MPE to folks that are new to it:

(It featured in a mailshot from Roli today).

From the blurb of their email:

"Today we launch the MPE Hub, your one-stop destination for everything MPE. Learn why MPE is so special and discover the growing number of MPE instruments, soft synths, and apps:

Learn more about MPE

As the world of MPE continues to expand, our MPE Hub will too — so keep checking back."

I looks that they intend it to be a jumping-off point to all things MPE. I guess we’ll see what they do with it…

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I was hoping MPE Hub was a device to connect multiple MPE devices. Silly me.


:slight_smile: Yeah, when I saw the mail title I wondered something like that also. :smiley:

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The only thing they forgot to mention was the Madrona Labs Soundplane.


Nice catch… Axoloti is not mention either - if someone send them an email… :wink:

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They don’t have the Percussa SSP eurorack module listed under hardware synths. I know for a fact that the roli implementation was used specifically to give it MPE support out of the gate on it. (when plugging the roli into the SSP directly that is.) I use it all the time.


I don’t think they know how to represent Eurorack on there.

(They’ve got a few MIDI to CV adapters listed as synthesizers…)