Seaboard Block degrading

Hello, so the soft surface of my Block is ungluing from the base a bit, in lower left corner.

I’ve always played it carefully, and it was stored in linnstrument’s soft case most of the time sinse I’ve bought linnstrument around a year ago.

I wonder if anyone here had similar experience and if there’s an easy fix to this issue. I kinda want to let go of it, but I can’t sell it like this. Thanks!

So roli responded in whopping two and a half months, and they said that the device would probably be fine and there’s no action needed.

There are no official guidelines for fixing ROLI hardware yourself, but in our experience the keywave surface should not become completely detached through normal playing - even if the surface is peeling slightly. Please do not attempt to glue the keywaves back into place as this could cause more problems for your BLOCK.

Here’s a picture I took for reference:

Doesn’t look good :confused: I am RMAing my Lumi Keys because the connectors fail to connect most of the time. Roli has nice ideas but they should better get their build quality and quality control under check…

Yeah, it doesn’t look good and I don’t find their answer convincing. Can you unpack the word “RMAing” for me?

think it’s “Return Merchandise Authorization” - getting a label from Roli to be able to send it back to them at their costs for repair.

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I agree about build quality issues, and I agree about concern for Roli’s welfare.

But they seem like ethical folks at the same time. I returned a Seaboard Grand in early days for a full refund after a stuck note problem was not resolved from one attempt at shipping back to London from California for repairs.

I was both sad and relieved to receive that refund.

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sadly no luck for me, I’m out of warranty (which is only 1 year)

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