Sensel morph as controller for Continuum

I was wondering about using the Morph as a controller for the barrels. I’ve set up the A pad as a MIDI XYZ pad in the Thunder layout, sending out CC23 & 50 as that’s what’s specified in the EganMatrix. I’ve also set the Sensel as Ext1 All Data in (but have also tried the config data), and am seeing the activity light in the Continuum editor’s MIDI settings. I’m also seeing the right ccs in a Midi monitor. But no joy in moving the barrels.I’ve also tried a couple of different MIDI channels in the sensel setup for the pad.

Any idea what I might be missing?

From memory Barrels are 12, 13, 14 and 15 gen1 - 16 and gen2 - 17. Sending using ch 15 or 16 (I think ch 15 reflects in the Editor not ch16 or vice-versa)
Hope this helps


Did it work? Without a connected instrument the editor software doesn’t seem to react, so hard to try out without a Continuum.

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Late reply I know, but only joined recently.

I’ve successfully used the morph to set up controls for barrels on the Haken Continuu Mini (HCM)

In the Haken editor, set the Morph to All Data on the input side.

In the Sensel editor, I used an H Slider set to Channel 1, and the CC for the barrel according to the HCM Haken manual.

I set this up on the Piano overlay with barrel controls on the little buttons at the top, and each key as an xy pad (x=pitch bend 920mm, y=CC74) so that I can play the Eagan Matrix with the Morph. This doesn’t give much room for fine control of the barrel because the buttons are so short, but it works reasonably well. You can have more control by giving more room for the slider on a custom overlay, or maybe the production overlay.

I’ve also set up a Korg NanoKontrol2 to control the HCM, and because there are more knobs and sliders, it works a bit better than the tiny Piano overlay buttons and allows for using the Morph as an expressive controller for the HCM, which works very nicely (if you don’t mind pitch bend not tracking to the physical position, which takes some adjustment as you must play glissandi by ear).