Sequential OB6 and P6 get MPE firmware update

MPE firmware updates are live.


As a Prophet X owner I will follow this with interest. Hopefully they want MPE on their flagship synth as well, but since it is bi-timbral it might be harder to implement… Dunno.

Similarly hopeful for the Prophet Rev2.

When I first got my Linnstrument, I didn’t fully grok the differences between voices and timbres and assumed (wrongly) that the DSI Prophet 08 would support ChPerNote mode on the Linnstrument. After I realized my mistake I sold my nearly brand new Prophet 08 module and “downgraded” to a DSI Tetra. While the Tetra also isn’t MPE compliant, it does offer a couple things the Prophet does not, specifically 4-Part Combos. So, while it’s a bit of a PITA, you can create a patch, then assign that patch to each part in a combo, assign the correct MIDI channels for each part and then use those 4 MIDI channels on the Linnstrument to control those four parts in ChPerNote mode. Effectively you can perform in MPE, but it is very tedious creating new, or editing existing, patches. Also, of course, it’s only four voices, for me that’s usually fine because I’m using splits most of the time (an MPE compliant Audiothingies Micromonsta handling the other split).

If MPE could be added to the Prophet Rev2 I’d be very excited. My dream would be able to create a stacked patch and use the x-axis to modulate between the two different layers in the stacked patch. I have a soft-synth that does this and it’s great.

I really didn’t expect the OB-6 or the Prophet 6 to get MPE and was assuming if Dave Smith/Sequential was going to support MPE it would be in a next generation of synth. I was personally fantasizing about a new line of Evolver synths (to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the first Evolver) but all bets are off now!

To make my intentions clear: if they added MPE to the Prophet Rev2, it would be an instant buy for me

Also hoping for the MPE update of Prophet 12. I don’t have one but would get the desktop module to pair it with Linny. It’s going to be interesting how they will implement i.e. the modulation amounts assignment and what parameters will be controlable on OB6 and P6 with just numerical displays. I hope it’s going to be more than just hardwiring filters to aftertouch.