Sold- Haken Continuumini (ConUS Only)

Haken Continuuminis for sale. $750 Includes insured shipping and payment fees.
The original version. Lower 48 US only.

Please message me.


It seems I don’t engage enough to have permission to send a personal message, but I would be interested in knowing the differences between the original and current versions. If the differences are unimportant to me I might be interested in purchasing yours.

At one point pictures on the Haken Audio site showed a version with an extra control on the top. Presently all the pictures look just like the one I have for sale. It’s the same as in the Loopop review on YouTube.

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The new control is an invention by Edmund Eagan that can also be added to the original version manually. Here a description:

Thank you for the link. I will explore this when I receive my Continuumini.

I did resolve my personal message issue. I needed to chat with the discobot a bit and add some information to my profile. Now the system trusts me!