SOLD: Linnstrument 200 in Denmark / EU

I’m selling my Linnstrument 200. As I’m moving to a smaller apartment I need to downsize a bit. The intention is buying a 128 as soon as I’ve sold this one.

Bought in sept. 2018 at Juno Records in UK and still within the two year warranty period, it’s been always in my room except for a trip to Spain where I carried it in the flight cabin (always with me).

When not in use, it’s been covered by a cloth or in its carrying bag.

I’m willing to send in Denmark or to other countries in the EU. Or we can arrange meeting in Denmark.

Everything included as in new: Linnstrument, gig-bag, USB cable, guitar strap holder, MIDI connector and Roger Linn’s letter.

Contact me for details about price, delivery or any other questions you might have.