[SOLVED]Prevent plugin scanning on EigenD startup

Is it possible to disable the plugin scanner on EigenD startup?

For some reason, it always pops up on my OSX Catalina box, but it doesn’t on others.

I’m trying to automate some of my actions before a rehearsal or a gig and minimize interaction with the computer.

once its done a scan once, it should not re-appear…
(after initial scan it does not rescan plugins automatically, you have to explicitly rescan from the menu)

basically, it knows if its performed the scan, but writing a file detailing scan results.
I suspect if its keeps scanning, there is an issue with file permissions or something stopping that file being written?

actually, just found a github commit, where I fixed an issue for new installs… thats not been released.

you can work around the issue by creating a file (empty is fine, or copy plugins_cache_64)

this only occurs where EigenD has never scanned for 32 bit plugins, so an install of EigenD that has never had a running 32bit install… hence why it was a while before I spotted it :wink:


That’s brilliant! Confirmed that creating an empty “plugins_cache” solves the problem.


Perfect, thanks! Just realized why I don’t run into this issue - didn’t remember that I just renamed /usr/local/pi/release-2.1.7-community/bin/scanner to something else to mute it…
Mark’s solution sounds more sane :slight_smile:

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