Soniccouture MPE - Ondes


So, in today’s good news an email from Soniccouture and it’s MPE support for their ONDES Martenot Kontakt instrument!!
Will give an opinion as I have this and used it quite extensively.
MPE gaining traction :wink:
Soniccouture Ondes



interesting!, Id love to hear more of what you think about it … as I liked the idea of it, but was a bit unsure on the control mechanics.

in someways, I wonder if MPE is the ‘right way’ for this?

when I last looked at this, I was wondering about using the Soundplane + Keyboard as a combo.
where the soundplane would emulate the 'instrument panel + tutti etc and then the keyboard would be the keys. ie. try to mimic the ondes control layout - as surely this is part of its ‘character’ ?!

of course, have MPE as an additional option is still very attractive!

its also great that SonicCouture have MPE on their radar, that bodes well for the future!

btw: theres also a 30% discount for a few weeks … so even more tempting!



I’ve always loved SonicCouture’s libraries, but always bought the Ableton version. (I regret that decision)

This does not bode well for my wallet.



Happy to see the mention here!

I am looking at ways of implementing MPE on some other of our instruments, specifically Sheng/Sho and the Nyckelharpa, both of which I think would benefit greatly from it. It’s not always easy, Kontakt doesn’t happily support MPE yet, so it’s a lot of workaround… which is easier on some instruments than others.

Anyway, if you guys have any questions about it, I’m happy to try to answer.

Dan from Soniccouture
Currently using Linnstrument and (as of yesterday) Continuumini.



Ohh so sorry, can’t seem to catch up. I planned some “quality” to play SC Ondes Martenot MPE, still not happened ;-( although I have tried it (and its now always close by)

I’m a huge fan of everything SC so…
Its beautiful to play it on the LinnStrument as it so so sensitive /well balanced, same on the ContinuuMini

Sound wise you get lots of detail not only from oscillators but also “diffuseur” - loudspeakers, (can be CC controlled using host or MIDI automation)
Even with all trickery (under the hood) its a great move and implementation to have! Hats off to Soniccouture :wink:


Nice to have you aboard @Dan, oh and congrats on the Mini also :wink: