Soundplane meets Eurorack

Finally finished the software for the Bela Salt, to allow directly connection of the Soundplane to my Eurorack system direct to cv, no midi!

I’ll post more details later, but basically the idea is simple , it allows me to ‘cut up’ the surface into various zones, and use either as pitched zones (pitch, timbre, pressure) , sliders, or x/y grids - in various combinations to use the 8 outputs of Salt (plus the audio in/out act as a bonus pair of vcas)
I was also inspired by the Intellijel Planar, so use the CV inputs to Bela to optionally manipulate the touch signals before they go out (e.g. offsets, circular swirling motions)

really happy with it… combined with the hands on control of eurorack its so enjoyable.

here I am enjoying the ‘fruits’ of my labours :slight_smile:


Nice work, both on the technical front and in terms of a really musical demo!

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thanks, it’s very early days…
amusingly, it took me about a day of wondering… how am i going to actually use this?

thats the thing about getting many ‘flexible’ options/modules, you start hitting the choice paradox.
e.g. Should I do cv recording on the hermod? or audio recording on the Nebulae? how do you route sound generators -explicit connections or thru mixers so you can play with levels?

so still exploring, and saving that ‘rack space’ for some inevitable utility modes
(e.g. i think i need some switches … and perhaps more mixers, or a dedicated output module )

any suggestions welcome…

modular grid

the bottom koma field kit will probably come out once the space is needed, as it doesn’t mix/output modular levels :frowning: … but apart from that really happy it.

And in a nutshell is the eurorack rabbit hole :wink:

I’d probably look for a little more modulation, a perhaps a quad VCA? I have some time sitting in an airport tomorrow and will give it some more thought.

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Very interested in this :slight_smile:

My rack is full of Multiples, Attenuators, Offset/Attenuators and VCAs. Also Polarizing mixers are useful and a VC mixer goes a long way. Doepfer do “cheap” versions of all of these utility type things.

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so ive got the befaco AB+C as offset/attenuation, and the cascade as a polarising mixer/attenuator, and links - but as you say, could alway do with more… fortunately, my sounds sources all have attenuators on inputs - yeh!
(also need more patch cables!)

ive a quad vca (veils) which i really like, but keep using as a mixer, which is why i thought about another mixer (with big knobs/sliders), or output modules (so i can use the bastl abc mixer for general mixing again).
(again, its not quite that desperate, as my sound sources tend to have built in vcas)

modulation, yeah, ive currently got marbles, stages and hermod can also do modulation,
but yeah, many of the modules ive got really shine when you modulate them…
possibly another stages, as its its unclear if i need LFOs or envelopes - elements/rings really do well with envelopes… I think this’ll become clear as i get more experienced.
I think a dedicated noise with s&h would be very useful … was looking at MI kinks.

I also need at least one (possibly more) multipurpose filter - as rings/elements tend to generate quiet a lot of high frequency content… or perhaps an eq? probably not something too special though… also feel a simple oscillator might be useful for FM’ing modules.

switches - this is mainly about, deciding where to send the expressive data, currently I send it everywhere - which is ok as i can ‘mute’ the audio output, but it doesn’t work if decide to sequence the sound sources… ideally id have a 3 (xyz) that had 1 in to 3 outputs, but probably a simple 1->2 would be enough.

absolutely lol , the more you play/learn the more you think … ‘hmm, ideally I need an X’