SpatSTrument SM24


Here is my latest MPE instrument which is dedicated to “spatial sound modeling”.
It can certainly be considered part of a very narrow niche! and I doubt it will be of interest to many of you, but it is designed in a fundamental way for MPE control.
You can read at the end of the User Guide a description of the problems encountered with the main MPE controllers for this specific job.

It is part of this year’s KVR-Audio Developer Challenge:

There is also an introductory video in French:


I keep thinking about setting up quad speakers in my setup to go beyond stereo…

so this is an interesting idea …

I have to say, most of my ideas around this, have been more placing different instrument/sounds in different places ( * ) , rather then a single instrument voices moving around in space.
though I guess like stereo panning, if you keep it subtle it could be an interesting experience for the listener - certainly would be fun to try, to see how it feels.

as you say quiet niche, as few have full surround sound environments outside of theatres etc.

thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

( * ) in fairness, this is, I guess, partly because I want to play with this in a modular environment… where I tend to have multiple monophonic voices.

ohh, undeniably great experience to have, this at any sizes, be it in the studio or larger stages.
thing is all “hardware” involved…

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I think I ‘just’ need another pair of monitors and likely cables. (as my audio interface has plenty of outputs)
But ideally I’d get hs7 to match my existing ones … so that’s 500euros, so keep putting it off.

In fairness it’s only recently that my room is suitable to do it in… so perhaps :wink:

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Yes, two more speakers and the world begins to change :wink:
Anyway, playing the sounds in space with MPE controllers is like the fist time you feel the pitch or the tone changes according to subtle movements or your fingers, here being much more physical!

I have uploaded another video which shows dome relationships between gesture, sound and space:

I have other MPE controllers (EraeTouch, Striso Board, Lightpad Block, Joué) but for different reasons none of them is able to do what the Sensel Morph is capable of…

oh man I wanted to vote for yours too but for the life of me i cannot get anything to see it, and i mean the list of tricks i tried and software i attempted to use is extensive, id love to see what this and the morph could do

wish i could repair my broken morph so i could use two of them…pity they opted out of the controller market - by far the best controller ever they just are fabulous…

anyway since the quarantine, permissions and ad hoc code sign have all been done any other solutions you know of?

If I have understood you are on Mac and you didn’t succed to install the plugin?
Well, it seems that if the file is copied on a USB stick instead of downloaded from the net there is no such problem… Perhaps dowload it from a PC, unzip it and transfer it like this after to the Mac?

wow, haven’t heard of that one yet…shrug can’t hurt. I keep meaning to learn to use your stuff lord knows I have a ton of it, just wish your sliders had slightly larger grab handles, but ive only been messing with electronic music and synthesis for 3 years and like a complete moron i decided to learn well everything at once - i do so love a challenge

throw in trying to effectively use a leap, morph (sad day when they stepped out god i love those things, wish i could get my broken one fixed to use two at the same time) and pico all at the same time, now using each one to drive a separate synth, that is kind of challenging and will be interesting once i actually get good at it,

your stuff is awesome specially at the price but definitely would like more english manuals lol, steep learning curve

out of curiosity which you think is better for using them, ardour, logic or reaper? Ardour’s new iteration is pretty sweet compared to their last version - i recommend it over waveform now and waveforms free daw kicks ass lol

Yes, what a challenge :wink:
Two Morphs is what I use too, and having used (or tested) most of the other MPE controllers it is for me definitely the best one in terms of sensitivity, precision and configuration possibilities.

About Ardour, Logic and Reaper, I am obviously biased since Logic is too much limited for the kind of “spatial audio” I do (besides only working on Mac of course).
Ardour has become a very powerful DAW and supports very well MPE and all kinds of spatial formats, but compared to the easyness and the efficiency of Reaper it would be a torture if I had to use it daily!