Stolen linnstrument

released it into the custody of fed ex, it made it to the oklahoma facility and just vanished, naturally like an idiot i dont think i ever did register it with roger, not that it would help in this case but at least i would have the serial numbers sigh.

doubt posting here will be of any good, however karma will out and ive had some unlikely results due to the fact that i try to always keep a giving, accepting and helpful spirit and intent so shrug if anyone happens to know a fed ex worker in oklahoma with a full size linnstrument that has the bag handle held in with a screw - they stole it from me

Contact Roger and see if he can help you resolve this issue.

I would also suggest contacting and reporting this to FedEx.

sorry to hear that…

surely, this is an issue on FedEx part if they picked it up, becomes their responsibility, and covered by insurance?

I don’t know about in the US, but here in the EU, usually these things are not ‘stolen’ by couriers, but rather the courier firm loses track of them. a while back , I had an item ‘disappear’ off the radar… I complained, and a replacement was sent (not sure who paid for it) and delivered, then later , the original randomly got delivered. I suspect it got lost in the back of a van or warehouse :laughing:

yeah, without the serial number, Roger’s not going to do be able to do anything.

Id not beat yourself up though,
honestly, even with serial number, its pretty low chance that someone would attempt to register it,
(and so getting contact details for the police)
these things tend to be sold on by thieves to some other ‘unsuspecting’ buyer for a ‘great price’.
perhaps keep an eye out on your local markets for it being sold?

anyway, I hope, you get it back… as I said, I think this is on FedEx.
good luck

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ya turns out you have to pay extra for the full value - sigh i know better than not to read the fine print. Hell they just lost a pristine condition never been turned on 1939 zenith 7s232 tombstone radio, you know the big old wooden ones? Ya but I had paid the extra insurance…tried to say both of us refused to take it…sigh ill not be using fed ex ever again.
I will speak to roger - you never know

One thing i think is sad is how many innovative musical instrument makers go out of business - imagination is one of our greatest assets yet the conditioning we are subjected to makes it something only dorks and queers do shrug course strictest definition of the word we all a little strange so you can’t really single anyone out for being any queerer than the next, glass houses and all as professor elemental said we all a little strange, point being that it is only that which we have yet to unlearn that limits us

rogers alright - i like that about his products you get the personal touch, suppose it’s better such stays small, like metal music it’s just better with a smaller following - the more things change, the best musicians remain unknown, the most imaginative products tend to be high r&d and damned if they aint risky -
the greatest enemy the human race faces, the gravest threat is the closed mind, been a minute since i been here missed this forum.

I am working on learning how to mix and master until then i believe ill release some stuff just because with the people.i jam with holding it down i have a rather interesting style of synth playing - should get myself out there as the current stripped down trend in music is probably going to end when this new generation rebels and im pretty rebellious, never know maybe ill get to be an influencer - itd be nice to cancel ww3 if you ask me