Striso: A#4 randomly playing by itself

I recently got a Striso and have really been enjoying it. Very happy to have a portable, expressive instrument with an isomorphic layout!

However, I’ve been running into an issue where A#4 (top-right black note) will randomly play by itself. There’s no predictable pattern to the duration of the notes, but they always have velocity 1 and no MPE data. Moving the board sometimes stops the notes once they start playing, and turning it upside-down usually does. This is a MIDI-only issue; it doesn’t happen at all when using the built-in sounds.

This has happened when connected using USB MIDI to both Bitwig and Vital (standalone synth) on two separate devices (Windows 10 desktop, and Surface tablet).

Was wondering if anyone else has encountered this, and what the fix might be.


Welcome to the forum @yamham,
Thanks for reporting the issue. With the high sensitivity of the keys it’s finding a balance between high sensitivity and false triggers. I plan to make the sensitivity configurable, since different use cases have different requirements (for scorewriting for example you don’t want any false trigger).

You’ve got one of the new boards, on which I’ve increased the sensitivity, but apparently a bit too much. I’ll email you a firmware file with a bit stronger note rejection for testing.

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I’ve also had this “phantom note” issue with MIDI and can confirm that it was due to some light debris present on the keys. They are extremely sensitive so be sure to check for anything stuck on there. As a workaround you may be able to set up something like a MIDI gate between the Striso input and the rest of your setup; this has worked well enough for me to allow resting my palm on the lower keys while playing. Another workaround that has helped me is to avoid eating crackers while playing


The firmware with stronger note rejection has fixed the issue for me. Thank you Piers!

I did use a MIDI note filter in my DAW as a temporary fix, which worked well since the offending note at the edge of the board’s range. Cleaning the keys didn’t make much of a difference in my case, but I’ll make a note to avoid eating messy foods while playing in the future :slight_smile: