Striso board - a new MPE controller!

I’ve talked (and showed some) about the Striso board prototype I’ve had for a few years, and it will now be available on kickstarter :
Piers has already introduced himself on this forum, and hopefully he will come and tell us more here, on this specific thread.
Here is a small video review I made to show it off a bit :

Good day to you all, and may the polyphonic expression be with you !


Until KS launch, there is some more info on Piers website

Hi all, Indeed here I am. :slight_smile:

I’m finalizing the videos for the kickstarter campaign and hope to launch later this week. The Striso board price will be €480, or €420 for early birds.
Compared to @mtyas version there are extra buttons for octave switching, glissando and alternate functions (config, midi CC, etc.).

Also there will be a synth and audio out onboard, to make it more standalone and give everybody a point of reference of what’s possible.

Feel free to ask any questions!


I’m curious. What config/settings can be done on the device? And how dependent is it from a computer?

Is there any software with it? Mac, windows, Linux, iOS?

What about the built in synth? Is there place for that too?

Currently there are settings for midi mode (MPE, polyphonic aftertouch or mono), sensitivity, tuning system, midi program change and volume.

With the internal sound it will be totally independent from a computer. The current version needs a MPE synthesizer with usb host, like a computer, Axoloti or iPad.

Your last question is if the synth will fit physically? Yes, it just needs a mini jack and codec, and I’ll switch to a faster microcontroller than the current version to have more CPU to run the synth.


It sounds really nice, @pierstitus
Looking forward the kickstarter!

Is synth open source ?
So can you modify it and upload it back to board?
Or create your own and upload it?

I hope you can find the time to elaborate on this, here, on the Kickstarter campaign or on your website.

Regarding settings: which tuning systems?

Regarding the internal synth. What it is based on? How will it work? Is it a one sound or can you change sounds? Or will you be able to load new ones, edit/create on a computer…?

I guess it has a battery? Can it be replaced?

And how about future updates, will you keep working on it after release?

Sorry, so many questions but I’m really interested.

Oh just noticed firmware is open source.
Based on chibios, hmm could be fun to code up some different synths :).

Hmm, so many projects, so little time :slight_smile:


Jup, ChibiOS based firmware, the synth is currently written in Faust, but I’m also looking into making it run (modified) Axoloti patches. And maybe there will be some cross breeding with Daisy too, curious what that will bring. The synth is not yet in the current firmware, but will be open source too. I myself will focus on one good sound, but switching sounds should be not too hard to implement. That might need some community effort :slight_smile:

Tuning systems are currently anything in the syntonic tuning continuum, so meantone tunings, 12tet, 31tet, 19tet, 5tet and 7tet. JI tuning systems not yet, I do have some ideas but never worked it out completely.

It don’t plan on including a battery, I want to be a bit careful with taking on too much. And since there’s no speaker you need a wire anyway for the sound.

@thetechnobear, Would be great to see what code you come up with! It’s so great to see you being involved in so many open source projects!

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No battery is ok with me. I understand that you have to take care not overloading it.

I am really interested. I have no idea of coding so there I’m depending on others :pensive:

Interested to hear about the Daisy connection…interesting project, nearly picked one up but I have a bad habit of not finishing electronic music projects…

The new controller looks smashing, look forward to the launch and hope it does well. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just launched!


@tiantong You shouldn’t need to code, probably not coding helps you more to focus on making music :smiley:

@BJG145 The Daisy uses the same microcontroller, no further plans yet.

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congratulations on the launch, nice videos…

time to share the joy :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s the point!
Congratulations on launch and best of lucks.
I’m waiting my Striso now :blush:

Maybe the folks at the Audiobus forum are interested. MPE is gaining momentum on iOS music now.

Great stuff, nice one pierstitus. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m in! I hope it makes its backing goal. It’s gonna be a close call I think.

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…yes, I wasn’t sure, though Kicktraq seems confident, so we’ll see…:slight_smile:

(I don’t currently have the funds, but I’d like to pick one up at some point.)

Same. I can’t afford one any time soon, but I wish that weren’t so.

(I threw in a dollar, symbolically.)