Striso board firmware update v2.2

Just released a new major firmware version, v2.2.0.

With this release the way settings work has drastically changed to allow more flexible settings and give better feedback.
More settings are added and the existing ones have more precise control.

The new system uses one button per setting, and uses the up/down leds to show the current value.
The value of a setting can be changed by nudging the key up or down.
Larger changes can be made by making a circular motion clockwise (up) or anticlockwise (down) with the key.

The firmware can be found on, along with renewed and expanded quick start guide.

As always feedback is more than welcome!


Quick question: When I save a new .UF2 preset and copy (or drag-and-drop) it into my Striso drive, do I replace the old file? Or do I keep both?

The .UF2 config file is overwritten when you write it. It’s also always renamed to CONFIG.UF2. When you want to backup presets you can copy & paste them in a spreadsheet or text editor.

When I dragged the .UF2 file into my Striso, I got the option to replace the old one or just add another (I’m on a mac). I will choose replace the old one. Thanks for clarifying.