Striso duet experience

As I don’t want to spoil the other threads I open this new topic for those who are interested to know more about the striso duet prototype that I have ordered to Piers. At first I just try to play the same tunes that I was playing on my Wicky duet concertina to familiarize with the keyboard, because even it’s the same layout the spacing between the buttons and the angles are different. But when possible I’d like also to begin to explore the midi system and the electronic potential of the instrument, which is a completely new field for me. And I hope that other musicians will be interested to try this version of the striso board and share their experiences and feedback here…


I thought that it could be interesting to introduce this video about the Melodicade here because it’s the same Wicky layout than the Striso and it seems to be made to play with both hands. But I think that for that it’s better to have 2 boards with an angle arranged like the striso duet and one big difference seems to be that the buttons are not sensitive…


Interesting; I’m glad to see he’s still innovating with this new MX version, which introduces velocity. I wish someone would do an affordable controller with hexagonal keys like the old Axis 49 though.

(I have an early one with the fixed ‘Harmonic Table’ layout, so, a bit inflexible. Half the keys output duplicate MIDI values with no way to differentiate them, d’oh.)

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Tiziri is a nice tune by vibraphonist David Neerman, which in my opinion works quite well with the internal sound of the Striso. And it can also be easily played on a single striso board with a looper as the bass line is repetitive:

For the purists I’ve also recorded a version with a vibraphone sound but it’s not a pure vibraphone sound…

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