Striso Glissando button

This is in the “everybody knew it but me” category, I bet. But I have (after a couple of months of regular Striso playing) discovered the “Glissando” button, to my surprise and joy. I somehow had consigned it to the “other buttons I don’t much know about” category, with the alternate tunings and MIDI control buttons. I just use the Striso as an instrument, input to an iPad app, particularly GeoShred with the SWAM instruments or the Roli 5D instruments. While some of the SWAM instruments have a “Portamento” switch, I always hear the steps. Not so with the Striso “Glissando” button. Very smooth and easy, and always there for a quick slide!

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I think it is in that category! Did you notice the glissando speed is pressure sensitive? You can even go to the second pitch and halfway there change your mind and slide back to the original pitch.

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It’s one of my favorite features as well! You can even control it externally with a foot pedal by sending CC 65.


Now I’ll use it! I just ordered my own from Piers Titus, and will return the generous loan I have been using for a couple of months…enough to make me addicted, for sure. I will (prior to the actual return) flip the button pattern on one of them, and try the “duet” version. I’ll never be Didie, but am curious. My left hand isn’t much, but we’ll see…


In the same category I’m also very interested by the glissando button but in my experience it only works with the internal sound. It doesn’t work at all or not well when I try to use it with other sounds on Garage Band. But David you are talking about other iPad apps, does the glissando button work with other sounds?
As both hands are busy with the striso duet I’m very interested by the possibility to control this button with a foot pedal. @mmuehlenstein could you please explain what is CC 65, which foot pedal do you use and how it is possible to connect it with a striso duet? Thank you!

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Yes, Didie…I get smooth glissando response in all the synths/apps I use: GeoShred (which I particularly love for the SWAM instruments, like clarinet and oboe), Roli 5D (which I believe was free, but I got a couple of extra voice packs for 3 or 4 dollars each) which gives convincing orchestral and other omplex instrumental possibilities, and the venerable but still-suprising ThumbJam. Of course, I play primarily with my right hand, and the odd left chord or counter-note, so pushing the extra button is not really an issue. I, too, would be curious about a simple foot pedal or such to free your hands when playing “duet.”

For whatever reasons, the GarageBand interface has always put me off. I know clever people make great use of it, but it just hasn’t clicked for me.

Thanks for your example as you bridge the electronic/acoustic gap!

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