Striso, ios and Audiokit SynthOne

Hello, all. Just re-read a “Striso and Surge synth” discussion, and realized I have recently gotten much nice sound from the Striso and AudioKit Synth One, a totally free iPad or (iPhone) app that works pretty darned well with the Striso, and other iPad apps like GeoShred and ThumbJam. I am boggled by the depth and breadth these pieces can generate when played together! I am particularly fond (today, at least) of the Preve “8 bit woodwinds” voice on the Synth One, and combine it with other reed sounds on ThumbJam, etc. For some reason(s) I don’t know (as a relative rookie to instrumental play, and a near-complete rookie to electronica) but don’t mind not knowing, the “less real” sounds can actually sound “more real.” And, as always, I read with interest and amazement the details you more technically conversant folk bring to the discussions. I learn everyday from you. Thanks!

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