Striso, MIDI and Pure Data

Hi folks,
I’ve been working on getting my head wrapped around doing midi work with the Striso and have a bit of initial results. This is just a mapping of all of the midi outputs from the Striso, but I figure that it will give someone else coming along a head start.

When I have something a bit more useable I’ll make it into a proper patch and put up a repo to share it out.

-Frank (956 Bytes)


It took a bit, but I have a first prototype of my ‘perfect Striso’ software written in Pure Data. The target for this is to add different ways to play the Striso expressively. My current work can be seen in a brief video. The goal is to be able to:

  • Press and bend notes like on the software that comes with it.
  • Pluck the keys to get a more string like behavior, pulling further before letting go makes a louder sound.
  • Tap the side for a percussive sound.

This is only a prototype and there’s a lot of work to be done. Current known issues:


  • There’s a lot of clicking when pressing or plucking.
  • When plucking, I haven’t managed to entirely eliminate the sound from pressing.
  • Sometimes plucking doesn’t sound.
  • The range of y axis motion is very limited when pressing (to avoid sounding when plucking) I think this can be made more flexible, but right now it leads to sound cutting out if you don’t press straight down.


  • Voices, all around. The tones are just a simple phasor sawtooth, and the tapping sound is just white noise.
  • More interesting uses of the ‘y’ axis when pressing.
  • The ability to bend a note after plucking it. Perhaps also increasing it’s amplitude or just holding it. While all of this could probably be duplicated by just pressing, I suspect there are interesting effects that can be obtained this way.
  • Tap behavior changing based on where. Right now it’s done off of general acceleration. It is possible to detect which side is tapped based on the direction of acceleration. I suspect it’s also possible to detect the distance of the tap from the center based on rotation combined with acceleration.

My next steps:
I still need to get better with PureData in general, so anything working with it will help me learn what I need to fix the various bugs. I’m interested in making interesting voices so I’ll be working with Andy Farrell’s “Designing Sound”

Updates will come as I have them. If you’d like to play with it yourself, the GitHub repo is here.


Hi, Frank! This looks like a great project.

Are you familiar with the Critter & Guitari Organelle? It’s a cool little device that runs Pd patches. I have one, and I’d like to be able to control it with my Striso board. I mean, I can use the Striso with it, but most of the current patches don’t support MPE. So I plan to work on that (if/when I can find the time, and when I’ve learned more than the tiny bit of PureData I know). I’m guessing your work might be a good starting point for getting the most out of Striso Board + Organelle.

Anyway, I’m forking your Github repo, and I’ll see what I can do with it.


Hi Caelia, thanks for reaching out. It happens that the Organelle is exactly what I’m working with. I haven’t made a lot of direct process, I’ve been studying Pure Data and sound theory for the past several months and am just starting to move forward again now.

I’d love to see what you can do with my work so far and will be happy to reach out when I have something more polished.



This is fantastic, thanks for the work and sharing.

I was looking for exactly this type of chart prior to purchasing the Striso. Have been cataloging all the realtime SysEx from the og korg KARMA and building a niche translator for CC to SysEx.

Thank you again


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yo thanks for posting that routing image. was super helpful.
working on a little overtone synth project for striso. thought i might as well share it here.
kravohi/strisoo: Overtone synth abstraction for a Striso board in Pure Data (