Striso midi in DAW

So I’ve been experimenting with midi recording and VST’s in Reaper. I’ve found the midi data in the channel pressure and pitch channels, as well as brightness/cutoff freq, GP Slider and GP button controllers (these are accelerometers, I believe)

I’ve used this Reddit thread for inspiration:

What are your experiences?

And to reply to my own question: I’ve noticed that pitch bend is not read or communicated properly. According to MIDI-OX, the Striso sends multichannel pitch bend data with two data items in each midi event; the first is fine tuning and the second is coarse (used for glissando). Reaper seems read this second value as the first (or it takes the total and scales it back to 100 cents?); this makes pitch bend on notes indistinguishable, and large glissandos sound like minor pitch bends.

Any idea how to fix this? Is this a Reaper or a Striso issue?

Which synth are you using in Reaper? Could it be that it’s not the DAW but the synth is one of those that reset pitch to the note pitch on note-on? Unfortunately some still do, so first sending the relative pitch bend and then sending the note on doesn’t work to start a note at an arbitrary pitch for these synths.
If Reaper really filters the LSB then perhaps retry another DAW with the same synth to check whether it is that. Would be surprised though - but haven’t tested that.

Edit: Perhaps double check with the Bitwig demo and it’s internal Polysynth, this should definitely allow a smooth glissando.

By default the pitchbend range is ±48 semitones, which is the default for MPE. In normal midi the default pitch bend is ±2 semitones, so if you don’t need MPE you can switch to normal MIDI (settings+A♭3), or set the pitch bend range to 48 in Reaper.

I’ve never responded, but the takeaway was that pitch bend range is not communicated through MIDI, which means that the source (the Striso in this case) and the settings of the plugin that plays the recorded MIDI need to match. And editing recorded pitch bends with MPE range is technically possible but not feasible in Reaper…