Striso Midi Output Problems

I’m new here so I’m not sure if this is also a technical support forum, but I’ll try anyway.
I recently got my Striso board and am very excited to use it. So far I only had time to play around with it using the internal Synth and Audio output.
I’m very happy with this so far, but I also bought this board to play around with Midi and MPE eventually. Today I tried simple Midi output connection via USB to my DAW (Ableton) and saw that many of the keys often send several Note On/Off messages if pressed. Often an octave above or below the “right” note, but sometimes also a few random notes, even if the key isn’t pressed any longer.
Here’s a few things I already did to narrow down the search a bit.

  • I’m connected through USB and also see the “erroneous” notes in an external Midi Monitor app on my Mac
  • I checked that MIDI Mode is set to “Normal”
  • I switched of Motion sensors (just in case)
  • I I switched off Pitch Bend, set Velocity and Sensitivity to “Low”

Could this be some bug in the software or more likely a “mechanical” problem with the keys? What can I do to narrow down the problem? I can send Midi Monitoring data if that helps. Many thanks for your help.

It is also a technical support forum, but in this case I think only @pierstitus can help you.

Did you update the firmware? @pierstitus sent an email with the file a month or so ago.

Did you update the firmware? @pierstitus sent an email with the file a month or so ago.

I just received my Striso around that time, it might already have the new firmware. How would I find out?

Hi @Christoph, thanks for reaching out. This forum is indeed also used for technical support.

There’s a trade-off between sensitivity and erroneous notes. In the past months I’ve rewritten the button read algorithm to reduce crosstalk. This is still a bit less well tested, so thanks for your feedback.

The firmware version can be checked by connecting the Striso board with the square button pressed. Now a USB drive should appear, with on it the file INFO_FW.TXT that contains the current firmware version.

I’ve just made a new release v2.1.3 which should have less erroneous note messages, see Releases · striso/striso-control-firmware · GitHub

However a better solution would be to make an extra setting for minimum pressure, so you can choose between more sensitive with some erroneous notes or less sensitive without erroneous notes. The current sensitivity only changes the maximum pressure, not the minimum. I’ll try to implement that soon.


I’ve now released firmware v2.1.4, with a setting to increase the key on threshold to stop erroneous MIDI note messages. Please give it a try and let me know what you think.

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