Super Iris by Embodme


I went to the embodme website to get the erae touch firmware…

and saw this :

seems to be some kind of large contacts touch display.


Neat! That could allow arbitrarily light touches - up to not-even-touching-yet!
Currently the price speaks a little against instant mass-adoption (“Starting at $20,000”)…

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oh, I didn’t see price :slight_smile:

but for sure, this is not for individuals , this is for commercial venues.
they talk about things like hotel lobbies signage

I think the point about ‘game engines’ is not for games, but rather alot of these interactive things are now done in Unity… so its just a nod into how you would use it.

I think the difficult bit about being ‘contactless’ and so being protective against viruses etc.
is users realising this… they are naturally going to touch the screen, and also touching = haptic feedback.
it’ll be a bit weird to use without it.

anyway, its interesting, esp since its 30cm range, as you say… thats quite a dynamic range!

hopefully the tech can slowly filter down… perhaps to the point it could be use in art installations.

I could imagine artists developing on ‘cheaper technology’ , say an iPad, where they can work small, but the target is a BIG contactless display in a gallery/public venue.
I bet we see these first in airports … they love having these ‘gimmicks’ to keep people amused whilst waiting for planes!

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