Superbooth 2019 - 9-11 May / Berlin

anyone going to superbooth this year?

I’ll be there, perhaps meet up for a coffee…
I’ll likely have my Organelle with a Eigenharp Pico with me for anyone interested in a portable, expressive setup … i think its cute :wink:

Sounds interesting, considering this! With the new train between Munich and Berlin it’s 2x4h - managable even without having to fly.

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This year I have to skip… my agenda won’t permit; with show dates reserved 1 year in advanced… buuuuu.

I’ll be there of course, with Haken Audio and La Voix du Luthier !

I’ll be there again this year. Looking forward to meeting up with those of you I know, and maybe making some new Polyexpression friends.

@Anckorage, be warned, I’m coming armed with an assortment of Continuum questions!

I’ll be there, sans any gear. Really looking forward to it! Last superbooth was how I finely got to try a Continuum and is why I have one now.

Superbooth is like being 5 and in a candy store.

On which days are you guys planning to be there? Would most likely come over for one day (from Munich), optimally one where I could meet many of you :slight_smile:

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im there wednesday till monday… so any day is good

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Ok, will be there on Saturday. Did anyone attend to some of the DIY courses they offer? Looks interesting! Is this recommended for a complete soldering noob?
On the other hand: Only there one day anyways, less soldering means more time for looking, playing and meeting :slight_smile:

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Thursday to Monday. I’ve never bothered with the workshops. I figure I’m best making use of the time to see and hear what’s new.

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I attended the Bela one last year (not soldering) , it wasn’t really worth it for the ‘activity’, but it was a good way to meet people with similar interests…this year, I’ve been considering going to the Leaf Audio one to build a Soundbox, but I’ve gone off the idea, as I think its a bit fragile to carry back home…

yeah, I think most workshops are aimed at complete newcomers - and I think for soldering practice, its probably good way get some confidence, and get you up to speed quickly.
but soldering(*) is not that difficult really, mainly its just practice - watch a couple of videos on youtube, then just practice on some spare resistors/breadboard, then get stuck in - really not much can go wrong, you’d be unlucky to damage anything, and learning to track down shorts/bad joints is necessary experience anyway!

so , nah, Id not bother with a workshop for one day - you’ll likely be surprised how many events and things catch your attention.

(*) talking thru hole here.
surface mount stuff is harder, Ive only fixed a few things (not a full smd project), and its fiddly - but i do believe those that tell me, that similarly its technique/experience… but Id assume very time-consuming.


Ive unexpectedly been given a 3 day trade ticket to superbooth
so I have a spare 3 day public ticket if anyone is interested :slight_smile:
(looks like I can transfer it on the eventbrite website)

Just a heads up for anyone tracking this. It looks like SB are running with smaller boats than in previous years. The boat price is still included in the ticket, but you can buy a ticket to get a reserved place (specified by time and date).

I’ll be there tomorrow from noon–evening. Would be very happy to meet with some people from this forum :slight_smile: I probably won’t be having my computer on to watch this thread, but maybe we can create a WhatsApp group? @thetechnobear I’ve sent you a PM

Judging by the description the rep is giving of its architecture it looks like the UDO Audio Super 6 binaural synth (of which the first prototypes are being shown at Superbooth), has the potential to offer quite a capable MPE synth engine:

(You have to listen through a bit to find where he mentions MPE. Sounds fantastic on headphones by the way!).