SuperBooth 2020

So who’s planning on going this year? (I’ve already booked my ticket). I’ll probably fly in Thurs am, and back home on Monday morning.

The new Frap Tools complex osc is currently high on the list of things I’m looking forward to seeing, and also the Hydrasynth.


I was in two minds… but now pretty sure I’ll be booking :slight_smile:

need to book flights, tickets, hotel (think will go to same place)
likely same as before, so arrive wednesday afternoon, then fly back monday… though I was considering spending a couple of days in Berlin to ‘look around’

want to see Osmose and Slim Continuum, poke around the modular stuff …
but more importantly say Hi to others, and go see and listen to some great acts.

oh… and get some tasty german beer !


Most likely - yes :slight_smile:


Once again… this year I’m out - shows confirmed right on this weekend…ahah and ContinuuCon starting on Monday 27… let’s wait for 2021.

Might go. Haven’t decided yet.


I really want to go, and may have to for work reasons, but the timing will be very tight… I have to be back home and unjetlagged enough to be able to drive across the country barely three days after it’s over. And I might have to pop into Loop too… if I go, I’d love to see y’all!


I haven’t decided yet but might give this one a miss. Still too upset by the great daylight robbery known as Brexit.