Superbooth 2021 : 15-18th September / Berlin

a real event this year !

I didn’t think I’d be going… but turns out I will :slight_smile: (probably, 14th-19th .)

is anyone else going?

looking forward to getting out n’ about again!


Nope, going to miss this one :disappointed: Too much uncertainty in the covid situation, and while I’m vaccinated, I still don’t feel comfortable in crowded spaces with the delta numbers I’m seeing.

The line-up looks great though.

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Not going… still a mess on so many levels; and I have shows rescheduled from last year.

Hope all goes well, have fun Mark!

I’ll be there with all the Haken Audio team :slight_smile:


I’ve never gone before, but want to. Just not yet, because of covid. :frowning: Hopefully next year!

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Probably not this year. Wishing you fun, stay healthy!

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Superbooth is nearly upon us, and my preparations have been secretly underway for a few weeks now…

I will be attending this year with Electra One, where you will be able to see something we have been collaborating on :slight_smile:


Very last minute I decided to visit Superbooth and bring the Striso board. I had some nice chats with other MPE controller developers and enthusiastic visitors. Next time a bit more planning ahead wouldn’t hurt though :wink:

I’ve made a small Striso video of it:


What I had on show at the Electra One stand this year :slight_smile:


Sounding great!
Thanks for 3min. of teleportation to some far away galaxy…

Nice that Electra One gave you access to even more control, (the way you envision - Orac).

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