Supercollider - Eli Fieldsteel

another treasure of the internet…

Eli Fieldsteel is the Assistant Professor of Composition-Theory and Director of the Experimental Music Studios at The University of Illinois

for years, now he has published his online lectures for Supercollider on on YouTube.

Ive watched his previous ones, and they are fantastic.
he not only is technically very skilled, knows everything supercollider, but he is an excellent teacher.

also, dont just think ‘nah, not interesting in coding, supercollider’

these lectures are aimed more at electronic musicians, that are looking for something a bit different.
a different way to view music composition.

also whilst supercollider can be a be intimidating at first, Eli’s lecture make it pretty straightforward.

my personal recommendation, start slow do a bit at a time.
watch the video with your laptop (etc) with supercollider running as you watch, and keep pausing the video, and replicating what he does during the lesson.
its a fun and interactive way to learn something new.