Supplied Power Plug incorrect

I live in the US and expected a type-A plug adapter, but I got what I believe is a type-C adapter. Anyone else get the wrong one?

The instructions indicate to power it up with the supplied adapter before doing anything else.

Any chance I can just use a high power USB-C power supply such as the one I have for my MacBook Pro?

a bit confused about what is wrong here…

@NothanUmber had the wrong PSU wall plug supplied initially, I think he used an adapter until @embodme supplied him the correct but

but you then mention, type-A vs type-C. …so, I assume you are talking USB?

The Erae is not powered by USB ( * ), it only takes power from the DC psu that’s provided.

then it has a USB-C connection on the Erae for data/midi.
they supplied a USB-A to USB-C cable, but if your computer is usb-c you could use a usb-c to usb-c, but you still will need power (afaik)

probably best bet is to reach out to @embodme via email … I assume that’s their primary support channel at the moment.

( * ) well, at least that’s not what the manual/specs says, and those that have tried have not got it to power on via usb - afaik.

Hello @invisible_touch

We probably sent the wrong Power Supply… as you noticed the white box does not label the Region and some were mixed before shipping.

As @thetechnobear mentioned you can contact us by email to remind us your address and we’ll send the right PSU.
You can use also

Meanwhile you can use an EU/US Adapter.
Make sure it can handle 15V/2A

Apology in advance to other backers who received the wrong adapter too.

Nope, talking about mains power, not USB.

From: World plugs | IEC

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Embodme is sending me the proper power supply adapter. I’ll be patient!

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