Surge Synth and Striso?

Since my old iPad has stopped me from contributing to this site (can’t load new browser, etc.) I have spent more time on the old laptop, and my friend and Striso user A.B. told me about Surge, an apparently well-known massively capable free synth. I just tried it this morning with my Striso, and while knowing precious little about synths in general, am very pleasantly surprised by the seemingly endless array of sonic possibilities. I wonder if any here use it with their Striso, and would welcome any tips or suggestions.


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You can download some patches for surge from the linnstrument page, but i couldnt find the link

I think it’s on this page: Surge Synth

I like surge. The UI was a bit hard for me at first, but otherwise I think it’s great.

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It used to be there, but cant see it there

Probably because it’s included in the factory presets now

Alright thanks, didnt know that

Thank you, and also Criskros and jaygalfo. I am not sure which instrument’s presets you refer to here. Striso? Linnstrument? Surge? I have Surge running with Striso on the laptop, and have many patches there, but don’t know anything about presets to use built onto the actual Striso…But as I have said, what I know about synths is what I learned this week, so still a raw rookie…

Just went back to laptop and Surge, and found Linnstrument patches inside Surge…Sound great. Is that what you meant?

Yes exactly, i tried some of those presets with my striso and it worked well.

So i tried surge again and its great, but at some sounds i get a clicking when i release the button. Anyone knows how i can get rid of that?

I would check the release on the amp envelope
if it’s 0 or low, increase it a bit and that should fix it

Thank you very much. Actually it was the opposite. Had to reduce it to 0 and now its great.