Swanflight LinnStrument (200) Flightcase

I ordered a LinnStrument (200) flightcase from Swanflight (they also have a LinnStrument 128 flightcase). My order was configured with 10mm laminate steel, birch plywood “Hexagrip” finish, 250mm storage compartment, fit-recessed label dish and loose self-adhesive label. Their flightcase parts are sourced from Penn Elcom, so further customizations are available if desired by inquiry.

The order was processed May 17th, 2023, dispatched on July 10th, 2023, and received July 12th, 2023. Order cost is £213.19 for the flightcase itself, £141.54 for shipping/handling, and $61.98 CAD for import/duty fees, with the final total cost being $668.07 CAD.

There are a handful of features not mentioned on the product page:

  • The flightcase cannot be fully opened flat. The maximum rotation is about 150 degrees.
  • The main compartment has extra space above the LinnStrument indent.

There is one significant benefit with my flightcase configuration compared to the padded folding soft case from Roger Linn Design:

  • You can pack larger items, such as the Studiologic VFP2/15B, into the 250mm storage compartment (see the last image).

I have provided nine photographs below.

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That price is a commitment, but the case looks sturdy as all get out.

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It is one of the more substantial accessories I have for the LinnStrument (200), with the K&M Spider Pro currently topping the list. I am quite relieved the dual sustain pedal easily fits in the flightcase.