Symmetric MIDI assignments possible?

My preferred percussion preset is an isomorphic 6x8 drum grid. I want to map MIDI notes symmetrically between the right and left sides, but Erae Lab only allow MIDI notes increasing chromatically from left to right. This is the only way I can get a symmetric layout of drum kit pieces when controlling my Roland TD-50, which only allows a unique MIDI note for each of the 32 kit pieces and articulations in any of its presets.

For example, if row 1, columns 5-8 are C, C#, D, D#, E, then I need row 1 columns 1-4 to be A, A#, B, C. Etc. Is there any clever way to accomplish this? Creating multiple drum grids won’t get me there, and I don’t see anything in the API that will let me specify MIDI notes for each rectangle in a drum grid. Creating 48 1x1 drum grids would have worked, but that’s way beyond the limit.

What I really need is to be able to assign any MIDI note I want to any rectangle in a drum grid. I don’t see the advantage of tying drum grids to notes laid out in a scale.

yeah, currently the keygrid and drumpad elements are so similar , you wonder why they are different :slight_smile:

perhaps the difference should be the drumpad has freely assignable notes - though without a scale you’d not be able to slide between notes , though for percussion not really an issue.
or perhaps keygrid/drumpad, could allow for a reversed layout…

Id drop an email to @embodme to discuss it with them.

in the meantime… can you use one of the buttons elements ?
@keymanpal , did some testing in this post , and found you can use 48 ‘simpler’ elements.
(whereas only 4 of the more complex elements like drumpad/keypad)

again, something that no doubt could be discussed with Embodme, if there are problems in that area.

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Button elements don’t have velocity (right?), so no dice–my whole thing is dynamically responsive finger drumming. If they added velocity to buttons, I’d be happy to make drum setups just using them.

hmm, not sure… honestly, i pretty much just use the drum and key grids :slight_smile:

seems odd the button and key, can send note messages but then have fixed velocity.
but if not, I guess, it’s another feature request.

its definitely a decent use-case, that some users might want to arbitrarily layout notes over the surface… but still have things like velocity, and x/y.

I know they are thinking about layouts a bit, as they have posted a poll on twitter about supporting alternative layouts, in particular a pyramid layout… which if i read correctly they mean, the accordion like layout which is based around intervals.

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Hi. I had the same problem for drum layouts (and also wanted to make cells of different sizes) and used the “Key” element. While the button element does not send velocity, the key element does, and you can use up to 48. So that should work.


Brilliant, thanks. I’d tried adding multiple 1x1 drum grid elements, but the maximum number allowable to add was less than 6 (I forget). I assumed, then, the other elements were similarly limited, but it turns out you can indeed create 48 Key elements. I’ve created the layout and will test it later.

ADDED: The maximum number of Key elements appears to be 48. I forgot to mention that my 6x8 grid squeezes in one volume fader along the shortened left side wtf.