Tactile feedback film for iPad

Hello, All.

Just received my sheets of TacScreen (two for 22 USD) to cover my iPad screens. This provides a cheap, instant and reversible alternative to slippery glass, but without the elegance of the Speedbump surface for LinnStrument discussed in another thread. There is no positional alignment beyond covering the interactive area, but it really does feel a whole lot better when I play ThumbJam or Roli 5D or (I suspect, and will try soon) GeoShred and others. The thing about ThumbJam that appeals to me is the tilt/shake/slide/velocity that can be incorporated into the synths and samples; this “touchy/feely” film adds another, say, half dimension. And, MPE compliant. Anybody tried it?

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Neat, sounds like a good addition! Haven’t tried one yet though, just heard from it the first time here.